Baccus Roofing creates a rubber rooftop that can withstand the most demanding and extreme conditions regardless of roof size or complexity. For 10 years, we have been a trusted provider of rubber roofing services. Our rubber roofing is highly durable and reliable, and are highly suited to commercial and residential buildings with flat roofs.
As a trusted provider of rubber roofing materials, we make sure our products are eco-friendly and available in customer-friendly rates. We also offer great options between rubber roofing and liquid roofing solutions that you need. Our team of roofers have a reputation for excellent customer care, and our commitment to customers, which have built trust and confidence in our work. Here at Baccus Roofing, we provide free estimates and a 10-year guarantee on all works carried out by our team for all general roof repairs, new roofs, and any other roofing projects.
For emergency care and quality repairs, contact us immediately at 702-566-9993 an we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and offer free advice over the phone.